The Inspiration Behind Te'Shelima

Rewinding back to when I was a child I remember going on jewelry shopping trips with my mom and older sister. I was so fascinated by traditional jewelry, the brightness of gold and the intricate designs. They never bought me anything on those shopping trips (lol) but my mother always reminded me that when I get older it’s important for me to invest in gold. She would always tell me stories about her life, and how she had to sell all of her gold to provide shelter and put food on the table for our family during trying times.

I remember being 16 and buying my first pair of 21k gold earrings. I was so proud of myself! But even more I loved how the pieces shinned bright and added an extra spark; the same spark I saw when my mother dressed up in traditional clothing and her beautiful gold pieces.

Although gold is a great investment I know how pricey it can be. But as Queens we deserve to shine even on a sweet budget! My mission with Te’Shelima is to deliver the finest pieces of gold and silver plated traditional jewelry. I want you to feel fabulous whether you are having a fun night out on the town, attending a special occasion or keeping it simple on a casual day. I just want to see you shine!